Photographic Agency in Mexico.

We are FDA Architecture Photo. Professional photography agency specialized in image and video production for hotels, architecture firms, interior design, construction companies, real estate, gastronomy. We have offices strategically located to serve the national territory, they are located in Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Guadalajara and Riviera Maya.

Our expertise has led us to collaborate in different destinations in Mexico and abroad.

Hotel and Architecture Photographer in Mexico and the Caribbean, 15 years of experience support quality and professionalism at the service of advertising.

Here are some of the solutions we offer with our specialized photography agency.



Architecture Photo

In each architectural project we use the same work methodology.

It begins with the exploration and preview of the architectural space in order to perceive the intentionality of the project. It is exciting to discover what the architect imagines and proposes so that the user can enjoy the spaces.

Check how the project flows within its environment.

Interior design

The environment to be photographed is carefully set, interesting angles and positions are sought, to recreate clean and elegant spaces in order to convey the feeling of order in the composition of each image, by emphasizing details such as: textures, colors, finishes, materials and accessories.



To achieve excellent food images, special emphasis must be placed on the preparation, the presentation of the dish, optimal lighting and the correct setting

These are the basic elements to take into account to achieve the perfect image that impacts the diner.


Lifestyle Photography Its objective is to show the amenities and specific areas of the hotel while a family, friends or a couple enjoys them.

 Architecture Photo makes images that seek to portray a lifestyle in tune with the type of guests who come to each hotel we photograph.

These types of photos require hiring models, they seek to sell the intangibles of the hotel. pool, beach, restaurant area, room and lobby among other areas.